mod_fastcgi connect to FastCGI backends for generating response content

fastcgi (action)

connect to FastCGI backend

fastcgi socket;
socket to connect to, either "ip:port" or "unix:/path"

Don’t confuse FastCGI with CGI! Not all CGI backends can be used as FastCGI backends (but you can use fcgi-cgi to run CGI backends with lighttpd2).


fastcgi ""


Start php for example with spawn-fcgi: spawn-fcgi -n -s /var/run/lighttpd2/php.sock -- /usr/bin/php5-cgi

setup {
	module_load "mod_fastcgi";

if phys.path =$ ".php" and phys.is_file {
	fastcgi "unix:/var/run/lighttpd2/php.sock";

fastcgi.log_plain_errors (option)

whether to prepend timestamp and other info to FastCGI stderr lines in the "backend" log

fastcgi.log_plain_errors value;
Default value: false