mod_debug offers various utilities to aid you debug a problem.

debug.show_connections (action)

shows a page similar to the one from mod_status, listing all active connections


By specifying one or more "connection ids" via querystring (parameter "con"), one can request additional debug output for specific connections.


if req.path == "/debug/connections" { debug.show_connections; }

debug.profiler_dump (action)

dumps all allocated memory to the profiler output file if profiling enabled


lighttpd2 needs to be compiled with profiler support, and profiling has to be enabled by setting the environment variable LIGHTY_PROFILE_MEM to the path of a target log file.

debug.show_events (action)

shows a plain text list of all events


this is a very low level debug tool for developers.


if req.path == "/debug/events" { debug.show_events; }

debug.show_events_after_shutdown (setup)

time in seconds after start of shutdown to log remaining active events

debug.show_events_after_shutdown timeout;
timeout after which to display events (default: disabled)

this is a very low level debug tool for developers; it shows which event listeners keep lighttpd2 alive when it should stop.


setup { debug.show_events_after_shutdown 5; }